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What are some telegram links for download movies?

There are hundreds and thousands of Telegram channel people create for downloading movies sharing web series and all the stuff but there is no group like this that help you to get the movie that you request in this group so I think this group is one of the best group or channel. If […]

How does one send animated stickers in the Telegram app?

There are lot of developer and art lover who are interested in stickers they made a sticker from scratch and to use this sticker you need the actual address or the bot that allow you to share this sticker on Telegram you can send a sticker to anybody but you need to have the stickers […]

How can you access private channels on Telegram?

yeah a lot of channel on Telegram that are private and you cannot join the channel without having the actual link of that channel. And you get the link of that channel from the actual admin who is running a channel for the actual owner who created that channel for any private purpose. And for […]

Was the Telegram app made in India?

no Telegram is not Indian app many people believe that it is Indian and it is market like that it is a Indian app many people believe and forced to install this app because this is an Indian app and we need to support this app over WhatsApp but this is not the reality this […]

Is the Telegram Group brand mafia a trusted group to purchase or is it a scam?

On Telegram you get 100% privacy not hundred percent but actually you get 99% privacy so here anybody can remain safe without revealing their identity so this itself is a advantage for everybody to do anything or to use Telegram channel in the way they want, so if you think that anybody is trusted here […]