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Good News for all Telegram User: JIO LIFTED TELEGRAM BAN - Telegram Channel Shodkk

Good News for all Telegram User: JIO LIFTED TELEGRAM BAN

Yah Joi lifted the banned that they oppose on telegram now you can visit Telegram using your browser you can open any link of Telegram channel through your browser and also visit directly from your browser which is first banned on jio ISP.

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So now as JIO lifted banned from Telegram you can visit any Telegram official website from your browser without using VPN or any private network.

Why they Banned Telegram first?

First jio not oppose any ban on Telegram but in between start opposing various restriction on different sites for showing illegal content and bad content and that’s why they also banned Telegram from their ISP so nauvin who is using jio SIM are allowed to visit any Telegram official website or any website that directly linked with telegram.

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So this are the strict action taken by jio after government kill them to do so, they remove all the sites demanded by government from there ISP and also removed some of the side that they think there Network and their brand.

Reason why banned is lifted?

Until now it is not confirm that why you left in this bad and what they are trying to do but if 100% prove that 80 lifted the Ban and here are some proof of images that shows that you can open jio telegram official website using jio ISP.

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What is accessible now?

So now you need to know what is accessible on this, after lifting the bank limited all the banks that day impose on Telegram so now you can open all the websites and official website of Telegram also you can open the channel links

And you can join a telegram channel directly using your browser so you don’t need to go anywhere to copy that link for page that link you just need to use that link click on that link and after that you can now open that channel in your browser itself.

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So from now you can use Telegram directly from browser by using web telegram you just need to login with your credentials and you are free to use Telegram using your browser on jio ISP.

open with jio ISP

First of all the wave Telegram is not available as the band all the telegram sides but now you can use web Telegram to surf your channel or group that you have already join through your Telegram app.

What are the advantage for Telegram users?

So as the Ban is lifted Telegram users have a lot of advantage of it also it helped Telegram to grow as people can search Telegram groups and other directly on browser and also know which channel to join and which not to.

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Here are the list of advantage that help you after this Ban is lifted

  • Now you can search for Telegram channel and and there link directly in your browser and get to know about Telegram Channel.
  • Now you can use web telegram for messaging purpose.
  • Search for movies on Telegram directly to your browser.
  • Click on any link of Telegram official website and come to know about that.
  • Now you can visit Telegram official website and no it open source and developer and other thing at help developer.
  • Now you can view Telegram chatbot documentation as first it is when Instagram official website is also ban.
  • Another side is also tell Telegram to grow faster and with high speed.


In conclusion I just like to say you that it is good that the Ban is lifted and now you can use Telegram in your browser you can also use Telegram web to sirf your Telegram channel to download anything or to chat with your friend to now don’t need any app or proxy or VPN you are set free now to use telegram on browser what your your ISP is.

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