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How do I send a blank message on Telegram?

Want to Send Bland Text in Telegram? Learn New Tricks and Tips of Telegram at, Here I am going to tell you about sending Blank, empty Text to anybody in Telegram.

Step to Install Telegram on PC

To install Telegram on your PC you just need to follow the steps given below.

  1. go to Telegram website given below.
  2. Search for telegram for web, this option is also available by name Telegram for desktop.
  3. After that you see two three options to download Telegram for different operating system.
  4. There are Telegram desktop software available for all three major OS from Linux Windows OS to Mac OS also.
  5. Click on the respective OS you want to download the telegram desktop app for your use.
  6. Free download process he started now.
  7. The file is not to be downloaded in just a few minute if the net connection is good.
  8. If you are used Windows OS or Mac OS it is quite simple for you to install the setup up and start using Telegram on your desktop.
  9. But if you are using Linux OS it somewhat difficult to install the telegram if you are using Ubuntu OS you can use software station to install Telegram desktop on your Ubuntu system.

Step to Install Telegram on Mobile

  • step 1 go to Google play store and search for or telegram app.
  • Step 2 download any of the telegram app that you see there there are lot of Telegram versions with various different features on every Telegram app that are available on Google play store.
  • Step 3 note all these different Telegram are available as Telegram is open source and various people and developer develop their own Telegram accordingly with lot of useful features and so you can download any of these and it is original not fake.
  • Step4 cool now you have downloaded Telegram app successfully and it will automatically install and ready to go for setting up

Setting up telegram on mobile or or PC

Setting up Telegram on mobile or PC is same.

  • you need a mobile number to set your Telegram on PC or mobile.
  • if you are registering for signing up for first time you need to register any of your mobile number and then you receive a OTP on that respect to number to confirm that this number belongs to you.
  • After typing that number you are not able to use Telegram as a messaging app.
  • This can be done on PC or mobile.
  • and if you are using Telegram on your mobile and now want to install the same Telegram and use it on your PC you just need to login with that mobile number.
  • Vanshu type that mobile number and click on next button you receive another OTP on your mobile Telegram app and also in your respective mobile number as a message, as a text message.
  • so for confirming that it is you you have two options you can type that OTP from your Telegram app or you can just simply go to your messaging section of your mobile phone from the phone number you have set as your primary for opening Telegram app on your PC.
  • Type that OTP and click on next now you are ready to go you see all your message and your channels groups personal message rsync with your mobile on your your PC.

How to Send Blank Message on Telegram? TRICK 2020

To send a Blank Text to someone on Telegram Just Follow the Step its Quite Simple and Easy trick.

Just Copy the Invisible Space given Below and You are Ready to Go.


copy above blank space

Send this Empty Space Message to Anybody, they receive a Pinned message from you but not able to see anything and this is what the Blank message looks like.

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  1. Great and thank you, I get what I am searching from lot of time just want to tell everybody, if you want to you get BLANK message for sending to somebody just copy the blank space from this website and paste it where you want to send a Blank message to.

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  7. $url = $GLOBALS[“website”].”/sendMessage?chat_id=”.$chatID.”&text=”&parse_mode=html&reply_markup=”.json_encode($keyboard3);

    Try 5he above code

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