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How to know who in my contact use Telegram app?

Telegram is getting popular day by day and that’s why lot of people are installing Telegram and in the lock down lot of new users come to telegram for enjoying movies and different shows so there are chances that your relative or someone you know, in your contact is already using telegram.

According to the various sources there are exponential shift in Telegram users in this lockdown period.

Know who is using Telegram from your contacts.

There are two methods to know if someone join telegram aur someone have telegram from your contact.

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Method 1

If somebody already join Telegram before you how to know they are on telegram.

Both methods are very simple and they actually use how to know if somebody join Telegram before or after but these are actually more helpful if use in the way I am talking to.

  1. Just open your Telegram app. Rediff you want to know somebody join Telegram before you and they are already using Telegram
  2. Just click on the the bottom right corner of your Telegram app.
  3. Here you see a Pen Symbol button click on that.
  4. now you get a big list of user that are reducing Telegram and all that user are in your contact list.
  5. So now you can search for or the contact for the person that you want to message on Telegram app.
  6. There is also a search bar that allow you to search for the user if they are in Telegram app.
  7. Telegram show the result and their contact name and the option to message them
  8. But if that person is not on Telegram you not even see their name or anything regarding them in your Telegram app.

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Method 2

How to know if somebody join Telegram after you

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join Telegram from my contact list
  1. Now if that person is not on Telegram and they join after you. So how should you know that this person is now on telegram or not.
  2. You can use the first method to verify through the the search option that this person is on Telegram or not
  3. But to use second which is quite simple and handy method.
  4. You need to sync your contacts with telegram.
  5. Just after doing this whenever if if a new person join Telegram from your contact you get notified that .

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This person has joined telegram.

So when you if anyone install Telegram in their mobile phone and they are in your contact list you directly get a message from Telegram app saying that the user you are know is on telegram.

search contact who join telegram from my contact list

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Please feel free to message me or ask me anything regarding Telegram we are here to help you ask anything any query or solution or trick or tips regarding Telegram apps.

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  1. Hey hi,

    What does it mean when I get go see something as(106 contacts on telegram ) under a particular contact alone under invite section?

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