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Telegram Channel for Anime 2020 [List Updates Regularly] - Telegram Channel Shodkk

Telegram Channel for Anime 2020 [List Updates Regularly]

Here is Telegram Channel list of Anime you can get the Best Listing of All Type of Telegram Channel.

Anime is a Part of Entertainment that everyone wants from Child to teen to Yougeter everyone wants to watch Anime and Most of the Time the Anime is not available to Download.

Get the Right Anime in Right language is the biggest task and that is where everyone struggled, but now No Finding, No Searching, No Torrent At all You can Get the Aime Of Your Choice in all the Languages it is available.

The List of Telegram Channel for Getting Download your Loved Anime is given Below.

Anime Series

Anime series is a telegram channel that is started from past 2+ years and Providing valuable content and all the webseries Anime that are there on the channel is latest and

Uploading Anime In English Subs and Japanese Audio In Mp4 Format & High Quality (720p & 720p Encoded)

Grup Movie / Drama:

Grup Anime:

Channel Movie / Drama

List Anime Complete


Telegram is the Future of Social Media Messaging App, this is way better than the Whatsapp in compare to Features and in Privacy Also. The Founder of Telegram is claiming that the App is way more secure than Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram also not track the Data of the user in any possible form.

Telegram Features

Saved Message

Ya Like Google Drive gives 15Gb Space there is unlimited space is given by telegram to their user to save as much as the message they want or whatever they want, you can save messages, Photos, Videos, Documents, Big Files Anythings that you want and can access this from anywhere with simple login using your mobile number.

Create a Group

Ya it same as Creating Whatsapp Group but you know whats the Great and Next Level thing here is the Number of Member here is more than Whatsapp, Total no of Member Join Telegram Group is 200000 So You don’t need to worry about getting your Group Full or Creating New Group each time it passed 256 member Limit. You can Also Add Bot to Telegram Channel to Handle User and banned anyone if they are spamming in the Group. 



Create Channel

Telegram channel is the same as Telegram Group or We can Say like Whatsapp Group but with Only Admin can Message Features and the Number of User Join Telegram channel is Unlimited and here You just need to share once and Everyone can get it to there telegram who Joined to Your Channel.

Also, the Best thing is that the Member or On telegram, it is called as Subscriber of the channel, Can See the Any Message send by the Admin. Subs can see the Message from Past before subs Join the Channel. 

So Lot of Channels are created by People where they share forex, forex signal, forex trading, foreign movies, free, Hollywood movies in Hindi, Hindi web series, SSC cgl, anime, stock market, series, jobs, pc games, Tamil movies, books, Netflix series, tv series, UPSC, web series, Netflix, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, movies, soccer prediction, Malayalam movies, Hollywood movies in Hindi, Hindi web series, anime, stock market, Series, Jobs, Pc games, Tamil movies, Books, Netflix series, tv series, UPSC, Web series, Netflix, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, movies, soccer prediction, Malayalam movies. This is What You Can Get Joining the telegram Channel and that all too for free and enjoy many more benefits of Joining Channel.

Telegram is Open Source

You can Create your Telegram App and also upload it on Playstore and Earn and Do add whatever feature you want to add.

There are Different Telegram apps created by many that are already Publish and have a lot of Download. This Telegram app comes with some extra features and great User Experience try them also.

They are Telegram X

Secret Chat Option

Telegram also has one option like Secret Chat this chat is an end to end encrypted and not even store a single footprint the Telegram Server. You cant even take a Screenshot of the Chat Going on in Secret Chat.

Bot Option

Telegram Also comes with the Features where You can use a bot, yes a programable Bot that do their task by themself and you can create your bot or can use bot made by people that help to pursue the task and automate the lot of process on telegram and help you differently.

Here is the List of Telegram Bot That you can explore.

How to Create a Channel?

Creating a Telegram Channel is very Simple, You Just Need Install Telegram On Mobile or PC whatsoever and Just click on the Menu Button.

  1. There you see the button of New Channel
  2. Click on it Give a name to the Channel
  3. Create a Link and Write a description of what the channel is for.
  4. Now it’s Done You have created a channel now Start writing and uploading the Content related the Channel.

Also Promoting is the most important factor for the Growing the Channel

To Know How to Promote the Channel Visit the post

How to Download Telegram?

The App is Easily Available on All App Store you can download it from Google App Store and Apple Sore but if it is not available there, as Telegram is banned in some country then you can download it from the various online site easily.

Download from Google Play Store

Download from Apple App Store

List of Site to Download Telegram.

  1. Visit the Site Given below
  2. Click on the link and click on the Download
  3. You need to Scroll Down and at the Bottom of every Site
  4. Click on it then, Please Avoid the Ads as this Site specifically earns from that.
  5. Download it and on Android, you need to Allow to install Third-Party App, You can Get this Option in Setting.

For PC Download


For Android Download

For Apple App

How to Install Telegram on Mac 


How to Register Your Channel For Promotion on Our Site?

Just Comment on any Post of related Category of your choice and about your channel and then we recognize and add your channel to the related post.

Or You can do one thing to feel the Connect Us Form and Get in Touch and get Top Position on the BLog and Increase your Channel faster and with some real substance

How to Get in Our Trending List and Header Area?

To get there is Quite simple Just Focus on putting write content on your Channel and then as People are clicking more and more on your channel we bring it to the Top.

Paid Promotion

To get the Space in header area you also do some paid Promotion with us and We added to the Top Header where your Channel is visible to All Whoever Visit the Site get to See your channel detail and can Click in it to get the Channel Link and Join your Channel, As everyone on the Site See this there is very Big Opportunity for you to Promote and Get Subscriber to the Channel. So If you Want to Grab this and Grow your Telegram channel you definitely put some penny to get Dollar in Your Pocket.


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Telegram channel for movies and webserie
Telegram channel for movies and webserie